"The only limits you have are the limits you believe" or "those who don´t believe in magic will never find it"

it took me almost my whole life to make this discovery and to truly believe in these words. because I had to learn it myself.... because I was taught differently. because in my motherland parents don´t teach their kids how to live - they are forced to teach them how to survive!

my way was long but I want to make it easier for my kids, for our kids, for you! little ell stands for optimism,

for unendless possibilities,

for courage,

for dreams come true,

for faith in your true self...

Little ell reminds you of who you REALLY are inside. that is why little ell always makes you smile!

you don´t only smile at this illustration on a piece of paper, you are smiling at your little shiny YOU who believes in magic, Because in that moment you FEEL that magic is something YOU make ! in that moment you believe in YOU!

welcome to little ell - wonderland!